Our Goal

Coaches are leaders, managers, mentors and teachers. Coaching is a demanding job and yet we do not formally train coaches in our country. The goal of this program is to provide leadership training for aspiring athletes and sports coaches building a foundation of self-awareness needed to build growth on and off the field. This program will help you clarify your values, understand the bigger picture of the coaching and athletes professions while developing or re-examining your coaching/leadership philosophy.  It is our goal that upon completion of our leadership academy that you will successfully:

  1. Know and understand the role that your life story plays on the impact of your leadership style

  2. Identify areas that may be holding them back from moving ahead with confidence

  3. Identify your highest values and make them actionable

  4. Use your values to write a personal mission statement and coaching mission statement

  5. Analyze your level of emotional control and how to manage your thoughts, feelings and emotions in a influential and productive way

  6. Understand the importance and components of a Well-Integrated Life and how to evaluate areas needed for improvement

  7. Write their first draft of their coaching/life philosophy